Seven Seas Splendor a Palamós

Overview of the cruise season

Girona, November 18th 2022

The ports of Palamós and Roses closed the cruise season with 50,310 passengers and 63 stopovers.

The 2022 cruise season, marking the reactivation of the world cruise industry after the pandemic, has run for eight months in the Costa Brava. The ports of Palamós and Roses, members of the Costa Brava Cruise Ports brand, have welcomed 50,310 passengers. This is 11% less than in 2019, but the number of stopovers has increased to 63, compared with 50 in 2019.

On one hand, Port de Palamós has closed the season with 48,645 passengers and 56 stopovers, with the arrival of five new cruise ships. On the other hand, Port de Roses has closed the season with 1,665 passengers and seven cruise ship stopovers (two stopovers more than 2019, before the pandemic, and about 900 passengers less).

The 2022 cruise season has been very positive for the Costa Brava destination, not only because it marked the recovery of cruise activity but also because it was the venue chosen by 180 members of the MedCruise Association to hold their 60th General Assembly.