The Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona will draw you in

The Girona area is filled with all sorts of evocative landscapes, from the crystal-clear, blue and turquoise waters of the small sheltered coves of the Costa Brava to the rolling green waves that crash against the rocky cliffs of the Cap de Creus headland.

For mountain lovers there is skiing, trekking, hiking, rafting and golf, along with all sorts of sports for thrill-seekers and families. Mountains, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coastline form a land where a wealth of artistic, musical, sporting and leisure pursuits are possible, not to mention all the therapeutic activities available at health resorts, thermal baths and spas… a whole water culture that makes enjoying your free time an exclusive and healthy treat.

A holiday break is all about having fun, getting away from it all, indulging a passion for sport or adventure… but behind all this there is a pressing need for rest, relaxation, pleasure and wellness.

The club is made up of long-established health resorts with mineral-medicinal waters, thermal baths and balneotherapy treatments, as well as hotels with spa facilities and water zones with a variety of hydrotherapy treatments on offer. But the range of possibilities is so much wider thanks to teams of professionals including physiotherapists, endocrinologists, water therapists, naturopaths and beauticians who are on hand with a dazzling array of treatments, ensuring that you return home stress-free, with a great feeling of wellness and all the energy you need to resume your daily routine.

The relentless pace of daily life means that having some time for yourself is a priceless luxury. Thanks to the endless possibilities available on the Costa Brava and in the Pirineu de Girona, you can find that time while enjoying a great setting, whatever your priorities are.

Sea, mountains, snow, diving, parapenting, golf, thermal baths, slimming programmes… a couple of days in a Health Resort or in a Spa Hotel will help you to find peace and calm, and to enjoy the harmony you need so badly to resume your hectic daily life with more strength and energy.

The combination of massages and sauna treatments, together with thermal waters rich in bicarbonate and sodium from the volcanic depths, makes for a unique and stimulating experience.

Enjoy a revitalising break on the Costa Brava and in the Pirineu de Girona and leave your worries behind.