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Results of the 2022 summer season

Girona, October 3rd 2022

The province of Girona received 3.89 million tourists, who generated almost 15 million overnight stays in June, July and August.

According to a report by the Eurecat Observatory of Tourism, the province of Girona welcomed 3,894,021 tourists, who generated 14,981,839 overnight stays in June, July and August 2022. Compared with the level of occupation recorded during the same period in 2019, the destination experienced an overall growth of 16.8% in number of tourists and an overall increase of 9.8% in number of overnight stays in the various types of tourist accommodation available (hotels, campsites, tourist apartments and rural tourism). Tourist accommodation establishments reported high levels of occupation in July and August, which is a positive indication that the sector has recovered from the effects of the pandemic.

By tourist brands, the Costa Brava received 3,547,245 tourists (+24% from 2021 and +17% from 2019). In terms of tourist occupation, there were 14,012,011 overnight stays (+39% from 2021 and 9.7% from 2019).
The Girona Pyrenees welcomed 346,776 tourists (+11% from 2021 and 14.7% from 2019). With regard to tourist occupation, there were 969,828 overnight stays recorded (+6.3% from 2021 and +11.6% from 2019).

Looking at tourist origin, Catalonia and Spain continue to be the destination’s primary tourist markets in terms of number of overnight stays recorded over the summer months. Among the close to 15 million overnight stays, the domestic market accounts for 45% of that number, followed by the French (19%), Dutch (15%), German (7%), and Belgian (4%) markets. It is interesting to note that July was dominated by international tourists, while the numbers of Catalan and Spanish visitors grew in August. The absence of Russian tourists and the only partial recovery of British tourism (3.5%) was more than made up for by Dutch, Belgian, Swiss and Italian tourists.

In summary, and while waiting for data on arrivals and overnight stays in September, the province of Girona’s whole tourist sector —including activity companies, restaurants and shops— rate the summer 2022 season as ‘very satisfactory’, despite encountering difficulties linked to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, strikes held by some airlines, staff shortages and the rising cost of energy and consumer products, among other things.